Particle Accelerator

Physica's Particle Accelerator is a multiblock structure formed of electromagnets, electromagnetic glass and a particle accelerator block. It is the only way to get antimatter and dark matter, from which you can craft ICBM antimatter and red matter explosives.


The particle's acceleration is governed by the following formula: a = 0.001 + (1 / mass / 100) blocks / tick2, where 1 block / tick is the antimatter creation velocity. The particle's mass in nanograms is determined by the explosion resistance of the block placed in the top slot of the accelerator, otherwise it is 1.

You can make your particle accelerator in a straight line or in a ring. A straight line accelerator is more energy efficient as less velocity is lost turning corners, but it is more costly. The higher the mass of the particle, the longer your accelerator needs to be. For a particle with mass 1ng, you must create a 13x13 ring accelerator or a 45-block linear accelerator. For 6ng you need a 185-block linear accelerator